What should I wear?

Clothes. That’s our only request. We are much more concerned about what’s going on inside of a person, than what they are wearing on the outside. If it helps you out, we have folks that come to church in shorts and sandals, and we have folks that come in a suit and tie. So just come as you are!

Do my kids sit with me?

We offer dynamic children's services from birth to 5th grade during the Sunday morning gathering. The age-appropriate rooms and experienced teachers will help your children learn about God in a relevant way, as well as offer fun experiences that will help the teaching come alive in their hearts. All of our teachers have been screened and given a background check to ensure your child's safety and your peace of mind. Your older kids (6th - 12th grade) Have their own service in the youth center during the 9:00am service. Please see our Youth page for more info on our programs available to them.

What's the music like?

We don’t own a pipe organ. We have a wide variety of volunteers who help lead worship. Most of our songs are done in a current worship style, and we do songs that are written from Hillsong, Jesus Culture, Chris Tomlin and more.

Will I be asked to give money?

If it’s your first time, we actually want you to keep your wallet in your pocket. Just come and experience a service with us. If you like it and want to call it your church home, then we believe giving financially to God and His church is the right thing to do as part of the family.

Will I be bored?

We sure hope not. A life connected to Jesus should be fulfilling and rewarding. We strategically plan weekend gatherings to engage your heart, mind and soul. We use music, video, powerful teaching and other experiential elements to help you connect to God in a meaningful way.

What is the overall environment like?

We strive to make you feel welcome as you put yourself in the position to connect with God. We provide fresh coffee, and treats inbetween our services, pretty comfortable seating, and a casual environment that will set the tone for you to be more focused on God, and less concerned about the atmosphere around you.

The history of CCC

Please watch this short video to learn how CCC got started and what we're doing today!!

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