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Compassion ALIVE

   (Compassion-A Local International Volunteer Experience) is an active team acting on the Great Commission which our Lord commanded just before His ascension; that His followers are to make disciples of all nations, and that every believer is a witness for Jesus Christ, trusting in the power of the Holy Spirit, and that we are responsible to pray for, support, and send missionaries into all the world.

   At CCC, we believe in the value of developing strategic partnerships with missionaries and missions organizations across the world. As a church, we want to see people around the world find relationship with Christ; and so, we invest in leaders, give financially, and send people and resources to help fulfill the Great Commission. Through short-term mission trips and partnering together with like-minded ministries, we can expand our reach and make a greater impact for Christ.

To learn more contact Bill Kearney

Our current World 
Out-Reach Partners that we
provide on-going support to are:

 Mary Kopp: African Leadership Partners, South Africa

Pierce and Diana Westfall: A Jesus Mission

Kenny Silvia: Youth for Christ, Modesto, CA

Christian Encounter Ministries: Grass Valley, CA
Harry Douglass: Oregon and Cuba
Mark and Rae Wilson: Guinea, West Africa
Randy Stewart: Neighborhood Engagement / Navajo 
Sanjeev and Debbie: (Bible forbidden countries)
Thilak and Liny Pappu: India
William Jessup University: Rocklin, CA
Yoon Kwon Chae: Sounth Korea

NCF 2018

Every year a group of CCC members drives to Dilkon, Arizona to serve the Navajo people at the Navajo Christian Foundation(NCF). Each year comes with a new set of service projects and strengthening of continued relationships. This year's big project was to help with the construction of a house for the orphanage.

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