June 3, 2020
CCC Family,


I hope you are all doing well and staying safe!

I wanted to give you an update on what’s happening.

We have a team that is working tirelessly to plan our eventual return to holding church services inside the building. We absolutely must do so in a manner that takes whatever precautions necessary to protect our congregation and our community. At this point we do not have a date for re-entry, but we are getting much closer! Until we resume meeting in the sanctuary we will continue to have Drive-In services. 


By the way, Drive-In services have been a great alternative! (Who knew so many people could honk their horns in rhythm ... kinda!) There's just something special about it. While we are still doing it, I encourage you to come out and join us Saturday evening at 7:00pm. (Gates open at 6:30pm) One day we are going to look back and say, “Do you remember when we did Drive-In church?” Come be a part of it before it’s done!


God continues to provide for us financially. Bills, staff and teachers are continuing to be paid. That’s no small feat when you consider the unemployment numbers. There are businesses that have closed that will never open again. Please keep praying that God continues to provide.


I want to end this letter by addressing what’s happening in our nation.

A few have asked me how I’m doing and what I’m feeling about what has and is taking place across our country. I have been pretty quiet about it because I lack the ability to properly communicate all that I am feeling about it. 

If I had to find a word to describe how I feel, the best I could do would be to say that I’m heavy-hearted. To some, as a pastor, I’m supposed to have the answers. I know the truth. I am just a man. A man who is having great difficulty making sense of it all. A man who is truly at a loss. 

So, what do I do?
I’m going to find my way to Hope. 

● I’m going to bombard heaven with unceasing prayers for God’s light to disperse the darkness.

● I’m going to face the hard issues head on with truth, grace and great patience.

● I’m going to check my own heart and repent of any thoughts or motivations that are not pleasing to God.

● I’m going to exercise dominion over my tongue and make it speak words that build up and not tear down.

● And I’m going to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE: LOVE God and LOVE others as I LOVE myself.

By God’s grace, I’m going to find my way to hope.


“To you I lift up my eyes, O you who are enthroned in the heavens!”
Psalm 123:1 ESV
In Jesus Name,
Pastor Patrick and the Elders of Ceres Christian Church



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