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Check-in/out Procedure

Classrooms will open 15 minutes prop to regularly scheduled church activities.


Parents must check in children at the front station located in the church lobby.  Please let volunteers know if there are any changes in your enrollment application on file. 


Children will be checked in and given a name badge and numbered bracelet.  Parents will receive an identical numbered bracelet.  No child will be allowed into a classroom without their badge and bracelet.


Upon arriving to the classroom, parents please print your child's name and your cell # on the Classroom Check In sheet. This is an important physical document the teacher can use in the event of any emergency evacuations, and they need to be able to account for all the students.

When picking up children, the parent must present their numbered bracelet.

In the event a parent must be notified, the teacher will text the parent using the cell number listed on the child's badge.


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